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Radiation Therapy

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This is a treatment for cancer that involves the use of radiation to kill cancer cells. It is like surgery in that it is done in an isolated area where the treatment is needed. With radiation it is intended to damage cancer cells with high-energy rays that can help to stop them from growing. Thus it can be used in a variety of ways to treat either cancer that can possible be cured to the one that can’t be helped so it will aid with pain or give some therapeutic relief. With radiation there can also be total body irradiation in the event it is to help prepare the body for a bone marrow transplant. As a treatment it as been used for a variety of types of conditions that respond to this type of therapy. This is a primary form of treatment for malignant tumor. It may also be combined with other forms of treatment like chemotherapy, hormone therapy and surgery. Thus it is often used on any cancerous tumor. This can apply to most forms of cancer. And as part of the treatment sometimes it involves things like draining of the lymph nodes. Such would be the case if they were related to the tumor in some way. It might also be the case if there is a risk of malignant growth on some tissue of marginal risk.

The primary focus of radiation therapy is to damage DNA cells. This happens when photons, electrons, neutrons, protons, or ions in a beam are directly used to ionize the atoms in a DNA chain. It will have the impact of DNA cells in the way the can reproduce. Such consequence has been proven to help with the process of impact the possible growth of cancer cells. And that will be part of what gives it the benefit with certain situations. The amount of radiation used in a dose will depend on the stage of the cancer in the patient. It will also depend on if other forms of treatment are being used.

Radiation is a therapy performed by a radiation oncologist. And it can be administered by either external beams or internally. About 60 per cent of people with cancer in end up being treated radiation. This is because it is often prescribed for almost all forms of cancer. The results of radiation treatment are not necessarily something that happens right away. It can take a few days before it the radiation results in the cancer cells dying. Then they may continue to die for months after the treatment.

With the healthy cells that are affected by the radiation will generally recover after the treatment is over. However with some people the treatments may have side effects that will not always get better. And your doctor should be able to tell you about all the possible side effects form such treatments. He or she should be able to explain the procedure and any complications. This is a form of treatment that is not painful so that is not a concern. Which can be of some comfort to anyone that is facing this procedure and worried about possible pain.

For the person who is faced with radiation treatment it is always good to take time to be sure you ask all the questions to totally understand the process. Your health care provider should be able to provide any information that is needed to make you comfortable with the process. So when give this as an option it will be very important that you take the time explore all concerns with your physician and be satisfied you clearly comprehend this procedure.

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