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Vacation Travel with Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer being a debilitating disease often forces women to perceive life differently. Sometimes a vacation for a chance to get away is what is in order. An opportunity to get away for a few days or a week is entertaining pleasant thoughts. Deciding where to go and if you would rather take a trip alone or with family members. These are all the thoughts that are probably going through your head right about now. Okay, so you received a diagnosis of breast cancer on your last medical doctor’s visit. Now you must decide if you are going to fight and beat the breast cancer or if you area going to allow the breast cancer to beat you.

Time is now for you to take a little break and give your self a chance to organize your thoughts. Think about where you would like to go and if you would like to spend time with your family. Sometimes women need to have a little time to be alone, to have a chance to sort this out. Can you afford to spend a few days or a week at a resort? Are you thinking about taking your children to spend a little quality family time somewhere quiet and peaceful?

Choices, choices, it certainly is not easy is it? Maybe you just want to spend some quality time with your own brothers and sisters. The choice is yours to make and if you decide taking a trip somewhere to sort out your thoughts, this is okay too. However you will have to pay close attention to what you pack for this trip. Some of the items you may want to pack to bring along are the following items.

  • Bring along a sunhat, sunscreen, and skin care
  • Bring along some sanitizing gel, and refreshing sports drinks
  • Bring along a sweater or two for those chilly nights
  • Bring along all your necessary medication

Try to talk about your travel plans with your medical physician. Maybe your medical physician will have a few helpful tips for your travel to be one that is successful, relaxing, and rewarding for you. Bring along your insurance information incase you need it while you are away. Ask your insurance representative if you have standing and continuous health coverage even when you leave the state you reside. They may be able to recommend a hospital for you in case of an emergency.

Traveling will make you stop and think of what you will need. You might want to consider making copies of all your current prescriptions to bring with you incase you lose any of your medication. Before you leave be sure pack a few extra refills of your current medication. The whole idea is for you not to run out of your medication. This may not seem very important, but once you are on your way you will understand just how important this really is for everyone concerned.

Know, when you have made your decision on where you would like to travel there is something you will have to consider. If you are planning to travel to a country where some of your medication is on a list for illegal drugs you will need to have a note from your medical physician. The note will need the specifics on why this medication is important for you. This you will keep in a very special place because this is now a very important document. Preparing the best you know how it is time to grab those airplane tickets and get ready for a wonderful take off to a destination of your choice.

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