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What Are Some Breast Cancer Awareness Products?

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President Obama proclaimed that October would be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There are many items you can purchase to show your support for breast cancer awareness. There are breast cancer survivor bracelets. There are 4 pretty pink slide on rubber bracelets that each have a word imprinted on them. One bracelet has the word SURVIVOR, another one says HOPE, another one says FAITH, and the fourth one has the word STRENGTH imprinted on it. There is a store online called Oriental Trading where you can get this bracelet. These bracelets come in a package of 24, so these would be a great bracelet to give out at fund raisers, or just for family and friend support.

Nothing could make a better statement for breast cancer awareness than the pink stainless steel water bottle. On the outside of the water bottle in big letters, is the word “Believe.” The letter “L” in the word is an upside down breast cancer awareness ribbon. Underneath the word “Believe” are the words “Together we will find a cure.” This water bottle can be purchased online at the Pink Ribbon Shop.

Another beautiful item at the Pink Ribbon Shop is an inspirational silver tone cuff bracelet that just slides onto your wrist. On the Bracelet in fairly large engraved letters are the words “What Cancer Cannot Do.” In smaller engraving, the sentence is finished with all the things that cancer cannot do. You will have to see this bracelet to appreciate it.

At the Warriors in Pink website you can buy many items. Pink Warrior is sponsored by Ford. There is one item than any woman would be proud to wear. The Warrior Cap is a short brimmed cap that has a pink warrior patch on the brim. The hat is very attractive, and when you buy the cap, 100 percent of the money goes to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

There are many pieces of wearing apparel, jewelry, and other items at the Breast Cancer Site online. This store has a stainless steel water bottle that has the words “Live, Laugh and Love” on it; the bottle is a very pretty pink color. If you want to make a statement about breast cancer awareness everywhere you go, this store has pink ribbon magnets to that are perfect to place on your car. You can also put these magnets on your mail box, and on your refrigerator.

You can keep up with the days of the year, for 16 months, with the “Live Love and Laugh” calendar. Each day offers cheerful illustrations with uplifting sayings. The calendar is made of recycled paper, and the pages are glossy and beautiful. At this same online store you can buy beautiful silver toned rings with the words “Believe, Dream and Hope” engraved in them. These rings are a great way to make a statement about breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness is in the month of October, but awareness will continue throughout every month and every year until there is a cure. There is much promotion for breast cancer awareness, but if you have some other illness, or if you are a man with prostate cancer or some other illness, and you want to make a statement about awareness of your disease, you can buy a purple ribbon, that resembles the breast cancer ribbon. We are used to seeing the pink ribbon, but many of us may not be familiar with ribbons of different colors. Ribbons such as these will be sure to get people’s attention, and then you can speak and bring awareness to other forms of cancer and noncancerous illnesses.

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